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Come spring, grass grows on the open area next door, an area that used to be entirely undeveloped. By early summer, it's already grown up to waist level; ignore it for just a week, and it will have grown to shoulder level. The vigor with which the summer grasses grow manifests life itself. The works in my "Flowers of the Field (No no Hana)" and "Path of the Wind (Kaze no Michi)" series are my attempt to express the energy and warmth of life as seen in nearby nature. For some time, I have wanted to create a work in glass that could deepen the inner aspects of humanity. I believe that at those times when one is sick or needs to make decisions about life, or at seasons of parting, everyone asks "Who am I?" and "For what purpose was I born?" I am hoping that my works can also provide opportunities to think on these matters. It is said that "art is a purification of the soul." I want to create pieces that will penetrate to the heartfelt issues of both creator and observer.

ID :   11
Name :   FUJITA, Jun
Birthplace :   Tokyo
Zip :   2720812
Place of Residence :   1-10-4 Wakamiya Ichikawa Chiba Japan
Tel :   81-47-332-5241
Fax :   81-47-332-5241
Place of Work :   Kyohei Fujita
Place of Work Zip :   2720815
Place of Work Address :   3-14-10 Kitakata Ichikawa Chiba Japan
Place of Work Tel :   81-47-336-5288
Place of Work Fax :   81-47-333-3456
Belonging Organization 1 :   Japan Glass Artcrafts Association
Belonging Organization 2 :   Chiba Prefectural Arts Committee
Career: Education 1 :   1975 Gakushuin University, Philosophy of Literature Department
Career: Education 2 :   1983 Pilchuck Glass Seminor
Awards and Prizes: Contest 1 :   1992 'International Glass Craft '92' The Merit Prize (Kanazawa)
Awards and Prizes: Contest 2 :   1993,94 'New Glass Review 14&15' Corning Museum of Glass
Awards and Prizes: Contest 3 :   1996 'Glass '96 in Japan' Bridgestone Museum of Art Prize (Tokyo)
Awards and Prizes: Contest 4 :   1999 'Japanese Glass in Notojima '99' Silver Prize, Notojima Glass Art Museum
Awards and Prizes: Contest 5 :   2000 'VESSELS -International Exhibition of Glass' Merit Prize
Awards and Prizes: Contest 6 :   2001 'The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa' Gold Prize
Exhibition: One-Man 1 :   1984,2001 Takashimaya Gallery (Kyoto,Osaka,Tokyo,Yokohama) Annual
Exhibition: One-Man 2 :   1998 'Review of Jun Fujita' Funabashi Civic Gallery
Exhibition: Contest 1 :   1985 'New Glass in Japan' Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe (Germany)
Exhibition: Contest 2 :   1990 'Glass Art '90' Hakone Open-Air Museum (Hakone)
Exhibition: Contest 3 :   1991 'World Glass Now '91' Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art (Sapporo)
Exhibition: Contest 4 :   1998 'Made in Japan' Glasmuseum (Ebeltoft Denmark)
Collections 1 :   The National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo
Collections 2 :   The Japan Foundation
Collections 3 :   Yokohama Museum of Modern Art
Collections 4 :   Notojima Glass Art Museum
Collections 5 :   Koganezaki Crystal Park
Collections 6 :   Glasmuseum (Ebeltoft Denmark)
Collections 7 :   Musee des Arts Decoratif de la ville de Lausanne (Switherland)
Collections 8 :   Sao Paulo Art Museum (Brazil)