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In modern glassmaking, copper-wheel glass engraving is seen as extremely classical and boring. Much of the reason for this is the crude technique, the narrow range of design, and the fact that the true subtleties of the art have been lost. To the craftsman, technique defines one's range of expression. In the pieces of the 19th-century copper-wheel master engraver, Dominik Biemann, each and every line and part of the engraving pulled the heartstrings, revealing the artist's greatness. Copper-wheel glass engraving offers the pleasure of endless possibilities for engraving on the surface of the glass, and this black-and-white world is extremely profound. It is my hope that this notion is expressed in the wide range of designs in my pieces, and that through my art, my spirit and the beauty of copper-wheel glass engraving are able to touch to people.

ID :   215
Name :   TAKEMASA, Takeo
Birthplace :   Kochi
Zip :   14830
Place of Residence :   74 East Fourth St. Corning N.Y. U.S.A.
Tel :   1-607-937-5500
Studio Address :   14830 31 1/2 East Market St. Corning N.Y. U.S.A.
Studio Tel :   1-607-936-3659
Studio Fax :   1-607-936-3659
Career: Education 1 :   1978-1982 Kramsach Glasfachschule (Austria)
Career: Glass Related 1 :   Steuben Glass (Corning, U.S.A..)
Career: Glass Related 2 :   IDA Glass Fac. (Tokyo)
Awards and Prizes: Scholarship 1 :   1977,78 Carl Duisberg Scholarship (Germany)
Awards and Prizes: Others 1 :   2nd International Symposium of Engraved Glass, Award of Dominik Biman, Dominik Biman Society (Czech)
Awards and Prizes: Others 2 :   2000 Year Artist Design Award, France D.A.U. Association (France)
Exhibition: One-Man 1 :   1993,1998 Mikimoto Hall (Ginza Tokyo Japan)
Exhibition: One-Man 2 :   1997 Stair & Company (London England)
Collections 1 :   Corning Museum of Glass
Collections 2 :   Yokohama Museum of Fine Art
Collections 3 :   Hidatakayama Museum of Art
Collections 4 :   Suwa Glass Museum
Collections 5 :   Koganezaki Glass Museum
Collections 6 :   IBM
Collections 7 :   Citicorp
Collections 8 :   Loden Corp.
Collections 9 :   Corning Inc.
Writings 1 :   Light and Shadow' (Publisher Kochi-Shinbun Japan)