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Glass is able to take myriad forms because of its characteristics as a material, but the heart of my work employs glass in melted form. Melted, glowing glass is hard to work with, no matter how much you turn it on a rod when taking it out of a high-temperature kiln. The way I am able to shape this glass to my will gives me great satisfaction and is the key to the success of the piece. Melted glass is pure and beautiful. While dependent on that beauty, I strive to add my own interpretation to produce an unusual glass form. I also hope that this "thing" I create is seen by others as a "good thing."

ID :   235
Name :   UCHIDA, Mamoru
Birthplace :   Kyoto
Zip :   2992702
Place of Residence :   90-2 Shiba Wada-town Awa-gun Chiba Japan
Studio :   M.U.Glass
Studio Zip :   2992702
Studio Address :   90-2 Shiba Wada-town Awa-gun Chiba Japan
Studio Tel :   81-90-1129-5900
Place of Work :   Glass house Tokyo International Instisute of Glass Art
Place of Work Zip :   1350007
Place of Work Address :   4-2-16 Shinkiba Koutou-ku Tokyo Japan
Place of Work Tel :   81-3-3521-1031
Place of Work Fax :   81-3-3521-1033
Place of Work E-Mail :   uchii@blue.ocn.ne.jp
Career: Education 1 :   1985 3-D Design, Craft Design. Glass Course, TAMA ART University
Career: Education 2 :   1987 M.A.Post Graduate.TAMA ART University
Career: Teaching 1 :   1987-1989 Teaching Assistant, 3-D Design Course of TAMA ART University
Career: Teaching 2 :   1989-1992 Instructor, Fujigawa Glass Studio
Career:Teaching 3 :   1992-1997 Lecturer(Blowing), Toyama City Institute of Glass Art
Career:Teaching 4 :   1996 Demonstrator, Suwa Village Workshop '96
Career:Teaching 5 :   1997 Adviser, NANAIRO-KAN (Toyama)
Career:Teaching 6 :   1997 Foundation Adviser, Tokyo International Institute of Glass Art
Career: Teaching 7 :   1998 Chief Lecturer, Tokyo International Institute of Glass Art
Career: Teaching 8 :   2001 Lecturer Tokyo International Institute of Glass Art
Awards and Prizes: Contest 1 :   1992 'The Intenational Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa' The Pavel Hlava Prize
Awards and Prizes: Contest 2 :   1994 'World Glass Now '94' Honorary Prize
Awards and Prizes: Contest 3 :   1998 'The Second Contemporary Glass Exhibition in Satsuma' The Judge Special Prize
Exhibition: One-Man 1 :   1990 Ginza Futaba Gallery (Tokyo)
Exhibition: One-Man 2 :   1998 Contemporary Art NIKI (Tokyo)
Exhibition: One-Man 3 :   1999,2000 Gallery Tanaka (Tokyo)
Exhibition: Others 1 :   1983-1987 'Glass and Metal Works' Society for the Study of Craft Design. TAMA ART University Kichijoji Yamaha Gallery (Tokyo)
Exhibition: Others 2 :   1985 'Glass and Metal Work (3 Person)' Ginza Futaba Gallery (Tokyo)
Exhibition: Others 3 :   1986 'Kanagawa Prefecture Art Exhibition' (Kanagawa)
Exhibition: Others 4 :   1990 'Wine Glass Art Works' J.C.Gallery, Ikebukuro SEIBU (Tokyo)
Exhibition: Others 5 :   1992 'The International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa' (Ishikawa)
Exhibition: Others 6 :   1993 'Glass '93 in Japan' Odakyu Museum (Tokyo)
Exhibition: Others 7 :   1994 'World Glass Now '94' Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art (Hokkaido)
Exhibition: Others 8 :   1998 'The Second Contemporary Glass Exhibition in Satsuma' Satsuma Town Glass Museum (Kagoshima)
Exhibition: Others 9 :   1999 '2000 Years of Japanese Glass: From The Yayoi Period to the Present Day' Suntory Museum of Art (Tokyo) Suntory Museum (Osaka)