Explanatory Notes
This web site is, in principle, a dual-language production (in Japanese and English).
All artists whose work is featured in this web site were selected by the editorial board on the basis of a survey limited to those actively working with glass; stress was placed on their activities in this field.
In editing the web site, only those works for which the artist's permission was received and the necessary data provided, have been included. Those for which this proved impossible were excluded.
Portraits and photographs of the works are, in principle, those provided by the artists, but when these proved unsuitable, the artist's permission was received for them not to be used.
Stained glass and craftwork, with certain exceptions, are introduced together in the pages describing studio activities, giving the name of the studio, the person in charge, and the address, etc.
As regards the nationalities of the artists, it was decided to feature both Japanese artists (whether or not they are resident in Japan) and non-Japanese artists who have been resident and active within Japan for at least five years.
The data given basically follows that provided by the artists. While errors in proper nouns and other essential corrections have been made, we have not attempted to add English or other information that was missing, publishing it as received. While every attempt was made to correct and expand the data when those provided by the artists did not confirm with the requested format, the difficulties of deletion and expansion mean that discrepancies in the volume of data have not been unified and they are published as received.
The order in which the artists are listed, in English follows the alphabetical order of the surname (family name) and Japanese were made the one in 50 sound of the order.
The data appears in the following order: ID, name of artist, birthplace, place of residence, studio, place of work, belonging organization, career, awards and prizes, exhibition, commissions in architecture, open-air installation, collections, writings, bibliography. Inapplicable items are omitted.
The data for studios is divided into stained glass and others, and gives only the name of the studio, the person in charge, the address, and the kinds of works created.
Dates follow the western calendar.
The Japanese and English data have been provided separately for individual artists; the English follows the Japanese in each case.
Changes and corrections to this data after publication will be made, as and when necessary, on this web site.